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We Believe:
  1. We believe in the Trinity; Father, Son and Holy Spirit. 

  2. We believe the Bible is the inspired word of God. 

  3. We believe in the historical creeds.

  4. We believe that God gave his only son, Jesus to die upon the cross for forgiveness of our sins, and whoever believes in Him shall not perish, but have eternal life. 

  5. We believe in the bodily resurrection of Jesus Christ. 

  6. We believe that Holy Spirit dwells within us and empowers us to Christ-like living.

  7. We believe in the power of Spiritual gifts. 

  8. We believe in the power and and practice of prayer. 

Our Core Values:
  1. We value God's word

  2. We value God's creation.

  3. We values holiness and spirit-filled relationships.

  4. We value life from conception to death.

  5. We value generosity, charity and giving in the spirit of Jesus Christ. 

  6. We value spiritual growth.

  7. We value the sacrament of marriage as ordained by God. 

The Ministry at St. Andrews Anglican Church

First, ministry is based on each individual committing to daily prayer. The fellowship has people who pray every morning and evening for the membership, and more importantly, for God's leading in our future. First and foremost, St. Andrews Anglican Church is a community of Prayer. 

Second, worship that reflects the three streams, as well as Celtic flavor, are the heart of the Fellowship. Worship that is Liturgical and Sacramental is a crucial cornerstone, including the arts, in order to express the beauty of God in all creation. Therefore, you will find the Lord's Supper celebrated every Sunday, along with meaningful prayer and intercession. A mix of music styles is incorporated. 

Third, "Koinonia", which means Communion/Fellowship, is the glue of St. Andrews Anglican Church. Our prayer is for each member to feel meaningfully connected to one another and the Lord. Fellowship that entails prayer for each member and developing a genuine love for one another is the goal. St. Andrews Anglican Church strives to be a place where people can experience genuine relationships. 

Fourth, the ministry of Healing Prayer and the laying on of hands for healing and intercession, has been a shared responsibility for the members. Broken relationships, physical illness, addiction and alienation are common places in the world. St. Andrews Anglican Church understands the calling to be a healing presence for those we touch. 

These four ministries of focus serve our primary call to bring the gospel

to others, both in our community and abroad. 

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